A men with his sex doll

“The first day I received a sex doll, I was looking forward to going home at night, but failed.” Zhang Fan smiled, rarely teaching the media to admit his sexuality He is not a direct player, Mr. Yang Doll trader, he thinks adult dolls are the same as his personality, and he believes dolls are not toys or toys, but sometimes themselves.

While Ms. Sato works all year round in the New Island-born city of Hard Zhuhai, her son Tora 13 always lives with her grandmother. Last year, Chao Chao’s grandmother found that the tiger’s feelings became a bit more intense and the adults no longer listened so well. Considering the situation of his son, Mr. Sato will return to his hometown earlier this year and gradually accompany his children. According to the introduction of Sato’s mother, she recently discovered that the tiger bought a 1 meter long black and white cabinet.

The spiritual exchange between the two is greater than the body. “She is my wife, not another woman.” I do not expect ordinary people to understand this. By 2013, when there is no sex doll figure, Zhang Fan’s heart already has the illusion of “her”. If the doll is a doll after night work, it is sometimes upside down to see if there is no reaction.

 At that time he said that his grandson was an origami who saw no light, but when he jumped out of the box, the origami would be destroyed by a chemical reaction. When she cleaned up the house last week, she accidentally found the key of the box, but after opening the closet, she was surprised that she was actually a 1 meter high real doll.