Sex Doll Auburn

Before using a sex doll, should be disinfected, either with a disinfectant spray or with a disinfecting tissue, perhaps with medical alcohol.

When preparing to use the real doll, in order to keep the sex doll vagina has sufficient lubrication degree, must use the lubricant, if not use the lubricant, the sex doll internal lubrication is not enough, may lead to the real doll vagina rupture. It’s ok if you wear a condom with adequate lubrication.

After using the sex doll, the vagina inside of the doll should be cleaned with water, and should be sterilized. The disinfection method should refer to the steps before use. After eliminating poison, use lukewarm water to be in to its rinse, reoccupy towel wipes adult dolls interior and surface, or natural air is dry, preserve finally good, so that next time use.

First, we scrub the body of the real doll with warm water, then we drain the excess water with a dry towel, and then we spread the body with talcum powder that we distribute to make sure the body is lubricated. The most important thing to do when washing your face pay attention to prevent lashes from being pulled off. When washing their hands should away from nails, so as not to fall off.

Manufacturer’s distribution of the cleaning device is used to clean the lower body, the warm water injection into one place, it is recommended to clean the lower body in the best point of warm water into a small amount of disinfectant, this can play a bactericidal effect, to ensure that you use more safe and sanitary.